TN Group

The TN Group is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates a wide range of businesses including comprehensive development of resources; financial asset management and M & A; power plant construction and operation; production of photovoltaic modules and equipment; and operation of new energy vehicles and trading of environmental energy products. It has six wholly-owned subsidiaries and two holding companies. Headquartered in Shandong, China, the company operates in more than 10 provinces and regions across China, as well as Southeast Asia and engages in many fields, such as power generation, general aviation, and equipment manufacturing.

(1) Our mission: To create a development platform, gather innovative strengths, and lead the industry.

(2) Our core values: Natural laws and lasting benefits 

(3) Our corporate spirit: pragmatic, honesty, innovation, excellence

(4) Our social responsibility: Assume full accountability in creating responsible, strong, environmental, and concordant energy