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The Integrated Project of Barren Mountain Agriculture and 30MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Station

2016/4/26 16:43:17


The project is located in Wushan Town, Anqiu, Weifang City, which covers a total area of 1347333m2 with the total investment of 360 million Yuan. In April, 2016, the power station is combined to the grid with annual energy output of 384,400,000 kWh. 13.8 kilo-tons of standard coal equivalent is saved each year, which is equivalent to an emission reduction of 30.5 kilo-tons of CO2. TN GROUP Jinshan project has combined the photovoltaic power generation and agriculture on barren mountain where crops can be planted and farmed in idle land of the photovoltaic area. Also, the pond and reservoir within the project area have been renewed and transformed to develop livestock breeding and aquaculture, which improve the utilization of the barren mountain. The current annual revenue is approximately 39 million Yuan.